Fresh Out The Beat Laboratory

25 May

It’s been a while since I created this blog, figured I’d actually start it up finally.

Ok, so this isn’t really a remix. But it is a new track by hype-sensation Joy Orbison. “Hyph Mngo” was voted one of the best tracks of last year and this one, “BRKLN CLLN” is just another track to get hype off of. A tab bit cleaner  production wise, this looks to be a continuance of the snowball of excitement that Joy Orbison is creating for himself. It was streaming, but now the link is a d/l. [I got it from Forward Music]


Here’s a new one. A while back Yael Naim covered Brittany Spears’ hit from a few years back, “Toxic”. While this isn’t that version, this is 16Bit’s dubstep remix of her cover. It has a crazy drop, booming wobble all the while maintaining Naim’s sultry and soothing vocals. I got it from KKS]

“Toxic” (16Bit dubstep remix)

This downtempo, dub/disco remix of The xx’s “Crystalized” surfaced earlier today. It’s slowed down a little bit from the original and still possesses that addicting interplay between the vocalists Romy and Oliver. [I got it from indieshuffle]

“Crystalized” (The Neon Lights Remix)

Here’s a primo remix of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” off of In Rainbows by The Twelves. It’s subtle and a little bit laid back, but I like this version of the track more than I like the original. Hey, that’s what this blog is for right? Right.  [I got it from Dailybeatz]

“Reckoner” (The Twelves Remix)

One of the most underrated tracks off of LCD Soundsystem’s newest album is album closer “Home”. At times overshadowed by “All I Want” or “Dance Yrself Clean”, people tend to forget about this gem. This remix is a bit more chaotic and robotic and at times a bit hectic, but worth a listen. [I got it from KKS] There’s also this live stuntin’ from James Murphy where he transitions/overlays “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” into a duet o chart-topper “Empire State of Mind” [I got it from JP’s Blog]

“Home” (Diwon remix)

It won’t let me post the .mp3 of the performance, but if you head to JP’s Blog you can d/l it via Mediafire.

Here’s the video instead.

2 Responses to “Fresh Out The Beat Laboratory”

  1. Jason May 26, 2010 at 1:20 AM #

    Thanks of rthe Pingback!

  2. KKS May 26, 2010 at 6:29 AM #

    terrific gathering

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