27 May

Here’s what the future sounds like to me. Lazers, pulses and synthetic beats on blast, here is what you’ll be listening to when cars start hovering.

Ellie Goulding has been building up her name recently. Her debut album came out March 1 and it’s been success ever since. She already has a Chiddy Bang cover and her most recent single “Guns and Horses” (announced May 17th) already has some remixes. Here’s one by a guy building up his name as well, Italian Monsieur Adi. [I got it from The Music Ninja]

“Guns and Horses” (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Futurecop! has the futuristic explosion sound on lock. This remix featuring T-Pain has the low, slow gravitational feel and I like it. [I got it from PLAYMAKER]

Futurecop! – Rich Kids feat. T-Pain (Remix) by PLAYMAKER

On one of the better albums of the early year, Yeasayer had “ONE”. An already pretty psyched-out band feel helped to produce this Glasnost remix of “ONE”. It definitely possesses that wavelength synth pulse and the stuttering vocals that are prescribed with most techno remixes. [I got it from dsquared]

“ONE” (Glasnost Remix)

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