Well, you’ve managed to find this blog somehow. Whether it came through a pingback, another source or you just happened to find it all on your own, you’ve come across it and now you’re reading it. Before we get to the heart of the material; Yes, that is me up there in all my bearded glory. I’m working on growing it back sometime soon. Feel free to email me at skylarbergl@gmail.com for any comments, questions, likes/dislikes or errors that need correction.

Now, the important things. This particular blog is dedicated to finding the best of the best among remixes, covers and remixes of covers. I have a discerning ear for music that, if not necessarily good, is at least interesting.

Remixes come in many varieties. The “dance” remix, the “downtempo” remix, the “spooky” remix and anything else in between. I like discovering and listening to these remixes because they’re the interpretation of the listener to who took the time to redux a track. I’ll be doing a lot of digging and gathering here. All the while managing to throw in a little bit of opinion as well. So to each his own and happy remixing!

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