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Roll Up, This is a Hold Up

2 Jun

A remix of one of the greatest lyricists in one of the greatest lyrical performances of all time? I figure most people would enjoy that. It’s the 7 Minutes of Madness Remix of “Paid in Full” by Eric B. and Rakim. [I got it from Licorice Pizza]

“Paid in Full” (7 Minutes of Madness Cold Cut Remix)

Then there’s a remix of my personal favorite track off the newest Gorillaz album Plastic Beach. “On Melancholy Hill” is serene and calming. It’s the least hip hop influenced track on the album and provides a great break in the middle of everything. It’s full of blowing bass and clinky background noise as well. [I got it from blahblahblahscience]

“On Melancholy Hill” (She is Danger Remix)



31 May

Depending on how you want to categorize these acts, we got some prototypical electrocution going on in these remixes. First off is the sped up and overtly looped Alex Metric remix of Gorillaz’ “Stylo”. Then there’s the overbearing and warped to all hell Stanley’s Buildup and Basslines remix of Justice’s “Phantom”. Believe me, this thing sounds like trying to start chainsaws that just ain’t having it…that’s a good thing. Then there’s the cooled to a crisp Nite Jewel remix of Dan Snaith’s “Odessa”. All pretty prime real estate remixes. [I got them from Earmilk and Palms Out]

“Stylo” (Alex Metric Remix)

“Phantom” (Stanley’s Buildup and Basslines Remix)

“Odessa” (Nite Jewel Remix)

Berlin Wall

29 May

Here’s an old track from Crystal Castles’ first album that got a heavy facelift. It was already a blend of CC and HEALTH, so the fact that Midnight Conspiracy could do anything with it is astounding. [I got it from SPUR of the moment]

“Crimewaves” (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

Deadmau5 is muy popular. He already makes great techno jams and plays gigantic festivals. So the next step is to have people remix your shit, right? Well maybe not, but somebody did. [I got it from Datasapiens]

“Facing Berlin” (Grifta Dubstep Remix)