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AC x P du P

11 Jun

It’s been a few days, I’m sorting some stuff out with interning and finally got it finalized. So here I am back with another remix. Found on Pitchfork, of course, it is Animal Collective. But it’s a glittery remix of the already shimmering Pantha du Prince track “Welt am Draht”

“Welt am Draht” (Animal Collective Remix)


Two Current Mixes

2 Jun

Here are two remixes that are pretty out there and came out today.

Four Tet is usually good at mixing other people’s shit, but he also has his stuff remixed on a regular basis too. This time it’d Dan Snaith of Caribou that took his hand at remixing one of my favorite tracks off There is Love In You “Angel Echoes”. [I got it from GvB]

“Angel Echoes” (Caribou Remix)

Then there’s the throwback courtesy of Thurston Moore. You know Thurston. From Sonic Youth remember? Even twenty years removed from the glory days of Sonic Youth, he’s still got his hand in the cookie jar. He remixes the current electro track “Celestica” from Crystal Castles. [I got it from P4K]

“Celestica” (Thurston Moore Remix)


31 May

Depending on how you want to categorize these acts, we got some prototypical electrocution going on in these remixes. First off is the sped up and overtly looped Alex Metric remix of Gorillaz’ “Stylo”. Then there’s the overbearing and warped to all hell Stanley’s Buildup and Basslines remix of Justice’s “Phantom”. Believe me, this thing sounds like trying to start chainsaws that just ain’t having it…that’s a good thing. Then there’s the cooled to a crisp Nite Jewel remix of Dan Snaith’s “Odessa”. All pretty prime real estate remixes. [I got them from Earmilk and Palms Out]

“Stylo” (Alex Metric Remix)

“Phantom” (Stanley’s Buildup and Basslines Remix)

“Odessa” (Nite Jewel Remix)


28 May

Here are some current alternative groups that did some remixing and getting remixed recently.

I’m a professed obsessor of The Antlers. I thought Hospice was one of the three best releases last year. It’s so raw and emotional. Darby Cicci of the band remixed a track of another skilled indie band, Freelance Whales. And DJ duo Buffetlibre, who have done quite a few remixes reduxed the albums best track, “Two”, and somehow made it better. [I got them from The Tripwire and SoundsXP]

“Killer Whales” (Darby Cicci of The Antlers Remix)
“Two” (Buffetlibre Remix)

Local Natives album Gorilla Manor is a lesson in laid back. This gurgling remix of “Wide Eyes” comes to us through Suckers, who have an album coming out June 8th. [I got it from PMA]

“Wide Eyes” (Suckers Remix)

The Big Pink came into 2010 pretty hot off the success of A Brief History of Love and they just put out a free EP that features this oOoOO remix of their track “Tonight”. [I got it from MOKB]

“Tonight” (oOoOO Remix)