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Can’t Miss Mix

2 Jun

Everyone knows the track, but no one remixed it in the 30 years since it’s come out. It’s Blondie’s “Call Me”. Could you really ask for anything more? [I got it from SquittyBubbler]

Call Me Remix (Better EQ) by TheMessiahDub

Then, homeboy The Very Best, name Esau Mwamwaya, puts his spin on one of the tracks of the year, “Ambling Alp”. [I got it from Hellovegetables]

“Mulomo” (The Very Best Remix of “Ambling Alp”)


Couple Classics

28 May

I got some classic tunes that got some remixing done to them. Tracks from Marvin Gaye, Kylie Minogue, Prince, and the King of Pop Michael Jackson (RIP). Check them all out from the trolling legato of Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues” to the technologic wonderland of Prince’s “Wanna Be Your Lover”. [I got them from KKS, Sundtrak & DJNODJ]

“Inner City Blues” (Drilla Remix)
“Slow” (Chemical Brothers Remix)
“Wanna Be Your Lover” (White Girls Solid Bump Beat)
“Rock With You” (White Label Mix)

Pop & Hop

28 May

While The Killers may have lost Brandon Flowers to a solo career, here’s an old remix to keep their pop danceability alive. Armin Van Buuren…you already know is one of the most storied techno DJs of our time. So you can’t go wrong. [I got it from R2N]

“Human” (Armin Van Buuren Club Remix)

Rihanna’s ripe for remix as well. Her most recent single “Rude Boy” is chopped up and thrown in the dubstep machine to get a little bit wonkier. [I got it from The Noise Collective]


Here are some remixes I came across while browsing a random blog yesterday. Needless to say, I’ll be frequenting it from now on as these were essentially throwaway mixes of Lupe Fiasco’s “Fighters” and Clipse’s “Virginia”. [I got it from Squeegie Sounds]

“Fighters” (Mr. Scribbles Remix)
“Virginia” (Mr. Scribbles Remix)

Mixes & Mixed – Passion Pit

27 May

They’re already electro-synth heads, but more mixing can’t hurt can it? Either way some people took liberty with mixing up some Passion Pit jams. And they did the same with a track or two.

This ones for the dubsteppers. I love the cutting edge wobble DYM implements here. It’s a bit drastic for some, but for others it’s a smooth operator. It speeds up the lyrics a tad and hits the repeat on the falsetto “ahs”. [I got it from The New Montreal]

“Sleepyhead” (DYM Dubstep Remix)

Here’s a track that Passion Pit remixed themselves. It takes the light hearted indie rock of the Shout Out Louds. Slower and quite a bit tubular, this remix is a little bit more romantic than the original. [I got it from Salacious Sound]

“Fall Hard” (Passion Pit Remix)

Dan Black’s track “Symphonies” was already pretty dance-y and filled with synth, so what more could Passion Pit do with it? Ask them and check out their remix of the track. They took it back and went hard on the drum machines and wavy organ instead. [I got it from RCRD LBL]

“Symphonies” (Passion Pit Remix)


27 May

Here’s what the future sounds like to me. Lazers, pulses and synthetic beats on blast, here is what you’ll be listening to when cars start hovering.

Ellie Goulding has been building up her name recently. Her debut album came out March 1 and it’s been success ever since. She already has a Chiddy Bang cover and her most recent single “Guns and Horses” (announced May 17th) already has some remixes. Here’s one by a guy building up his name as well, Italian Monsieur Adi. [I got it from The Music Ninja]

“Guns and Horses” (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Futurecop! has the futuristic explosion sound on lock. This remix featuring T-Pain has the low, slow gravitational feel and I like it. [I got it from PLAYMAKER]

Futurecop! – Rich Kids feat. T-Pain (Remix) by PLAYMAKER

On one of the better albums of the early year, Yeasayer had “ONE”. An already pretty psyched-out band feel helped to produce this Glasnost remix of “ONE”. It definitely possesses that wavelength synth pulse and the stuttering vocals that are prescribed with most techno remixes. [I got it from dsquared]

“ONE” (Glasnost Remix)


26 May

Diplo is blowing up my ears. At least right now. He makes ghetto reggae jams with Switch as part of Major Lazer. On the side he makes epic remixes. This one’s a mashup between LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great” and Justin Timberlake’s “My Love”. The popping and chiming going on in the background are the perfect environment for the mouthtacular beat “My Love” already had. [I got it from Earmilk]

LCD x JT “My Love” (Diplo Remix)

Here’s one from last September that’s probably better than the mashup above. It’s a dance-hall remix of Madonna’s “Hung Up”. It’s starts out crunchy and transitions into straight up raw. Oh and he doesn’t forget his reggae either.[I got it from Earmilk also]

“Hung Up” (Diplo Remix)

Oh, and props to Earmilk. I just found this blog. It’s chock full of quality links, tunes, mashups, remixes, reviews and interviews. Nice work! I’ll be frequenting.

Blown Out

26 May

A few quick hitters for right now.

The BIG news today is the availability of the re/mixtape collaboration between DJ reggae duo Major Lazer and British synth-pop act La Roux. It’s called Lazerproof and it’s chock full of jams. I particularly enjoy “Bulletproof” and “Keep it Fascinating”. You can download it from Mad Decent, just cough up your name, email and zip code. But their server crashed due to demand. It’s also available on Mediafire, but I’d encourage going through Mad Decent. Either way it’s free.

LAZERPROOF [Mad Decent d/l]

Here’s a burner I heard late last night. It’s a completely transformed track by The Acorn called “Restoration”.The original is folky and filled with plum acoustic guitar. But this Four Tet remix of it is totally chilled out and shimmery. [I got it from MOKB]

“Restoration” (Four Tet Remix)

The Drums are a favorite upcoming band of mine. They’ve got their self-titled debut coming out in a few weeks. So in lieue of that, they released a track off that album. Then Saint Etienne remixed it. It sounds like pure ’80s production value. That’s a good thing. [I got it from Quick Before It Melts]

“Forever And Ever Amen” (Saint Etienne Remix)