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Dayve Hawk & Nas

8 Jun

Dayve Hawk of Memory Tapes is good and putting remixes together. Following Thurston Moore’s remix of “Celestica” Hawk takes his turn at remixing one of my favorite tracks off the new album, “Suffocation”. [I got it from stereogum]

“Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix)

Nas is one of the best rappers currently alive whether you want to admit it or not. And while this is one of his more annoying tracks, it’s still damn good. [I got it from JLM]

“I Can” (9th Wonder Remix)


Two Current Mixes

2 Jun

Here are two remixes that are pretty out there and came out today.

Four Tet is usually good at mixing other people’s shit, but he also has his stuff remixed on a regular basis too. This time it’d Dan Snaith of Caribou that took his hand at remixing one of my favorite tracks off There is Love In You “Angel Echoes”. [I got it from GvB]

“Angel Echoes” (Caribou Remix)

Then there’s the throwback courtesy of Thurston Moore. You know Thurston. From Sonic Youth remember? Even twenty years removed from the glory days of Sonic Youth, he’s still got his hand in the cookie jar. He remixes the current electro track “Celestica” from Crystal Castles. [I got it from P4K]

“Celestica” (Thurston Moore Remix)

Berlin Wall

29 May

Here’s an old track from Crystal Castles’ first album that got a heavy facelift. It was already a blend of CC and HEALTH, so the fact that Midnight Conspiracy could do anything with it is astounding. [I got it from SPUR of the moment]

“Crimewaves” (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

Deadmau5 is muy popular. He already makes great techno jams and plays gigantic festivals. So the next step is to have people remix your shit, right? Well maybe not, but somebody did. [I got it from Datasapiens]

“Facing Berlin” (Grifta Dubstep Remix)