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Dayve Hawk & Nas

8 Jun

Dayve Hawk of Memory Tapes is good and putting remixes together. Following Thurston Moore’s remix of “Celestica” Hawk takes his turn at remixing one of my favorite tracks off the new album, “Suffocation”. [I got it from stereogum]

“Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix)

Nas is one of the best rappers currently alive whether you want to admit it or not. And while this is one of his more annoying tracks, it’s still damn good. [I got it from JLM]

“I Can” (9th Wonder Remix)


Hot Stuff

26 May

Kinda old but: I don’t really know how you remix Yo La Tengo. The downtempo seems pretty challenging to make anything of, but nonetheless somebody did. Pete Rock remixes “Here to Fall” by YLT and it’s loopy and spooky, so give it a listen. YLT does have their Here to Fall Remixes EP coming out June 8, so be on the lookout. It’s got some names behind it. [I got it from P4K]

“Here to Fall” (Pete Rock Remix)

Also old and not necessarily a remix: Gil Scott-Heron is a bit of an anomaly to me at least. I really don’t know how to categorize him. But I do know how to categorize Nas – one of the best rappers of all time. He adds his flair to GSH’s “New York is Killing Me” with carnivorous delivery and jarring bite. [I got it from P4K]

“New York is Killing Me” (Featuring Nas)

Hipster rap or not, here’s a fun remix of Shwayze’s “Buzzin'”. Wale hops on and does his thing as well. The already West Coast influence is magnified with cabana style marimbas making waves and Cisco’s flattened vocals. [I got it from Avenge The Virgins]

“Buzzin (Featuring Wale)” (DJ Skeet Skeet & Cory Nitta Remix)

Old but just discovered: This is my favorite remix of the bunch. ATLAS remixed this 2003 classic by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps”. Everyone remembers it, everyone remembers the lyrics, but they don’t remember it with pulsating beats that will explode your eardrums on impact. It’s available for d/l on Mediafire. [I got it from R2N]

“Maps” (ATLAS Remix)