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Metric System

31 May

We all love Emily Haines of Metric. She’s a talented musician and beautiful to boot. So, let’s listen to some remixes of one of Metric’s tracks remixed.

Two of these are the same track remixed differently, “Help, I’m Alive” redone by 80Kidz and The Twelves. [I got them from Sheenabeaston & Comfortradio]

“Help, I’m Alive” (80Kidz Remix)
“Help, I’m Alive” (The Twelves Remix)

Then there’s the MSTRKRFT remix of “Monster Hospital” which is absolute fire. And who remembers Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park? I do. Well, he also did a remix of “Gold Guns Girls” [I got them from Sheenabeaston. She really likes Metric]

“Monster Hospital” (MSTRKRFT Remix)
“Gold Guns Girls” (Shinoda Remix)


Fresh Out The Beat Laboratory

25 May

It’s been a while since I created this blog, figured I’d actually start it up finally.

Ok, so this isn’t really a remix. But it is a new track by hype-sensation Joy Orbison. “Hyph Mngo” was voted one of the best tracks of last year and this one, “BRKLN CLLN” is just another track to get hype off of. A tab bit cleaner  production wise, this looks to be a continuance of the snowball of excitement that Joy Orbison is creating for himself. It was streaming, but now the link is a d/l. [I got it from Forward Music]


Here’s a new one. A while back Yael Naim covered Brittany Spears’ hit from a few years back, “Toxic”. While this isn’t that version, this is 16Bit’s dubstep remix of her cover. It has a crazy drop, booming wobble all the while maintaining Naim’s sultry and soothing vocals. I got it from KKS]

“Toxic” (16Bit dubstep remix)

This downtempo, dub/disco remix of The xx’s “Crystalized” surfaced earlier today. It’s slowed down a little bit from the original and still possesses that addicting interplay between the vocalists Romy and Oliver. [I got it from indieshuffle]

“Crystalized” (The Neon Lights Remix)

Here’s a primo remix of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” off of In Rainbows by The Twelves. It’s subtle and a little bit laid back, but I like this version of the track more than I like the original. Hey, that’s what this blog is for right? Right.  [I got it from Dailybeatz]

“Reckoner” (The Twelves Remix)

One of the most underrated tracks off of LCD Soundsystem’s newest album is album closer “Home”. At times overshadowed by “All I Want” or “Dance Yrself Clean”, people tend to forget about this gem. This remix is a bit more chaotic and robotic and at times a bit hectic, but worth a listen. [I got it from KKS] There’s also this live stuntin’ from James Murphy where he transitions/overlays “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” into a duet o chart-topper “Empire State of Mind” [I got it from JP’s Blog]

“Home” (Diwon remix)

It won’t let me post the .mp3 of the performance, but if you head to JP’s Blog you can d/l it via Mediafire.

Here’s the video instead.